Self-Love in Vremurile Noastre

Iubirea de sine a devenit o expresie populara in zilele noastre si am ajuns sa o folosim in conversatiile uzuale: “Trebuie sa te iubesti pe tine insuti” , “Iubeste-te mai mult!” sau “Nu poti iubi alta persoana daca nu te iubesti pe tine insuti”.

Si astea sunt doar cateva din expresiile de self-love pe care le folosim ca sa sugeram un mod de a ne imbunatati vietile 😀

Learn to let go

5 lucruri pe care e greu sa le acceptam

If you’re worried about something in your life that’s bringing you down, and you don’t want to admit it to the people around you, check out these five tough truths about life that everyone experiences. It might just give you the courage you need to admit it to yourself, and grow from the hardship 🙏

Nice vs Nasty

The Lessons of Nice vs Nasty

“Niceness is the psychological armor of the people-pleaser.” ~ Harriet B. Braiker

Charm is a seduction strategy that some of us learn to use in our everyday life. We do it consciously or not, learning the how to’s from psychology books or from others who’s main purpose in life is to get what they want 😈

Back to 50's Look

Back to 50s Look

If I could get back in time for a summer, I would love to live a 50’s summer. But until the time machine is invented, I can only bring the 50’s in the NOW and enjoy a Back to 50’s Look 😊