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Seduction still arouses controversy and wonder. Is it a sophisticated form of art, a psychological game, or perhaps the most powerful method of manipulation? Although seduction may seem like a male prerogative, as men are usually the conquerors, you will find that we, women, can also be seductive.

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In the past, women initiated seduction very subtly. A woman would nonchalantly allow her handkerchief to fall near the man whose attention she wanted to attract. He would pick it up and approach the woman while firmly convinced that he alone was the initiator. But still, the question remains: who was the real initiator of the interaction, her or him? Certainly, the man would romantically hold on to the impression that the choice had been his all along.

This book is not a manual and certainly not a good manners guide. I am gifting you not with a book, but with a map. I will be next to you every step of the way. Using your inner compass I will help you navigate the avalanche of emotions that often overwhelm you. Dear woman, for this trip you only need one one-way ticket. Because once you begin the journey of self-knowledge, you will discover an infinite world. The destination is You and it all starts with You!

I am here, next to you, guiding you constantly. I will be your GPS and I will tell you when it’s time to turn right or left, when to go forward or when to look back, introspectively, at an earlier version of yourself.

How are you right now? How did you use to be? What do you want to become?

Allow yourself to become a woman (again). The following pages are for those women who want to be (more) feminine, those who want to learn to relate harmoniously with their partner and the people in their lives, but also for those women who are looking for a soul mate.

In these pages you will find answers to questions such as: what are femininity and feminine energy, how do they manifest, how to achieve a balance between masculine and feminine energies, how do you find your inner strength and what does the art of seduction entail.