Yellow dress: Unde te grabesti?

Yellow dress: Unde te grabesti?

Just a yellow dress, a beautiful day and some thoughts 😌

Normal ca vrem sa fim in timp la birou, sa avem o viata sociala activa, sa fim ingrijiti, sa avem timp de pasiuni si hobby-uri, sa mergem la shopping, sa ne relaxam, sa fim fit, sa citim, sa mergem la cinema, sa iesim cu prietenii, sa mergem la mare. #vremtot

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Si toate le vrem acum, azi, saptamana asta. Vrem prea multe iar timpul e acelasi si de-asta suntem mereu pe graba, intr-o permanenta cursa cu noi insine. #vremtotacum

Aceasta graba e de fapt o irosire a timpului. Incepe prin a admite ca nu le poti face pe toate (bine) si fa-ti o lista de prioritati.

  • Graba atrage graba, conform legii atractiei. Intram intr-un carusel care ne mentine la viteza pe repede inainte. Cum ar fi daca azi nu iesi cu prietenii, sau nu mergi la cinema sau nu te pregatesti sa mergi la mare…
  • Graba te mentine in tensiune, intr-un ritm alert, fizic si mental. Asta inseamna oboseala fizica si stress.
  • Graba inseamna mai putin timp pentru fiecare activitate, adica iar stress, frustrare si nervi. Daca ne grabim nu inseamna ca lucrurile ne ies mai bine, ci doar ca ne agitam ca sa facem mai multe lucruri in acelasi timp (scurt)
  • Cand te grabesti pierzi momentul. Traiesti dar nu esti prezent in graba momentului urmator. Pe care nu-l traiesti oricum, ca te preocupa iar urmatorul. Adica nu traiesti. Enjoy the ride se zice. Un exemplu mi se pare drumul pana la birou. Ati observant vreodata copacii, cladirile, vrabiile?
  • Care e motivul grabei? In fiecare zi ritmul nebun ne pune in vibratia timpului scurt. De ce ai vrea sa le faci pe toate? Oare te-ar face mai fericit sau te-ai pierde in goana lucrurilor fara sa te bucuri de nimic, doar sa ai satisfactia ca le-ai facut pe toate…

Se zice ca efortul nostru este jumatate, cu cealalta jumatate vine Universul sa completeze. Cand incetinim ritmul avem timp sa ne bucuram de ceea ce facem si de ceea ce ni se intampla, si sa observam lucrurile.

Relaxare nu inseamna doar vacanta, relaxarea o putem avea in fiecare zi daca nu mai alergam in a bifa toata lista de lucruri care sa ne faca sa ne simtim cool si realizati si satisfacuti dar obositi si stresati.


Laura Calin_Unde the (8)

Laura Calin_Unde the (6)

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Photo: Iuliana Cristina Popescu
Asistent foto: Elena Ionita
Vestimentatie: Adelina Ivan
Bijuterii: Vintage (
Make-up: Ana Cucuta

Where are you hurrying to?

Just a yellow dress, a beautiful day and some thoughts 😌

We want to be on time at work, to keep the social buzz alive, to groom ourselves and have time for hobbies and passions, go shopping, relax, be fit, read, learn,  go to the movies, go out with our friends, go to the sea side – we want to do it all.

And we want it now, all, today, this week. We want too much and time is the same, not enough. So we are always on the rush, in a constant race with ourselves – we want to do it all NOW.

This rush is in fact a huge loss of time. Start by admitting to yourself that you can’t do everything (well) and start doing a list of priorities.

  • Haste attracts more haste, or so says the law of attraction.  We are entering a carousel that keeps us on fast forward. How would it be if today you would not go out with your friends, go to the movies or get ready for the beach?
  • Rush keeps you in high alert, in a physical and mental tension. That means physical and mental stress my friend and you don’t want that for sure.
  • Haste means less time for every activity. This also leads to stress, frustrations and annoyance. If we hurry it doesn’t mean that things get done better, just that we go over our heads to do more things in the same (short) amount of time.
  • When you hurry you lose the moment. You live but you’re not present, you’re caught up in the haste of the next moment. You’re not living. Enjoy the ride they say. A good example would be the way to the office; have you ever noticed the trees, buildings, sparrows?
  • What’s the point in hurrying? Every day the wild rhythm puts us in the path of not living. Why would you want to do it all when doing it all means doing nothing?  Would it make you happier? Would you feel the satisfaction of having done it all without actually enjoying yourself?

They say that our effort is half of what it takes, with the other half comes the Universe to complete the whole. When we slow down we have time to enjoy what we do and what happens to us, and to observe things.

Relaxing doesn’t come in vacations only, it’s something we can have every day if we stop pursuing all the things on our lists that make us feel cool, accomplished and satisfied but tired and frustrated.

Live. Now!

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