Vacanze Romane – How to Find La Dolce Vita

Rome Holiday

Vacanze Romane – How to Find La Dolce Vita

Holiday in September AND October?

It’s the first time I can afford this extravaganza, to have an autumn holiday, ever since I’ve been a grown up 😊


 I wrote here, in detail, how to prepare for a Roman holiday. It’s been quite a different process ever since I’ve been a blogger. 

How to find and live la dolce vita #WhenInRome and not be a tourist?

Besides the fact that Rome is a sanctuary for almost 300.000 cats and you can find the cat of Rome dappertutto, and mostly in Fori Imperiali (here I saw so many of them). Because, pizza, a glass of red wine, a cat and a beautiful city already offer me la dolce vita that I’m looking for in a holiday 🙌


#Tip 1

Behave like a tourist on the first day when you arrive in Rome. Breathe the air of Rome, get lost on the small streets, see the architectural fountains, sit on the stairs of the sunny and crowded Piazza di Spagna, throw a coin in Fontana di Trevi and smile in a photo close to Pantheon, in Piazza Navona.

And, of course, taste the pizza, pasta and the local wine. This should be on your everyday to do list when in Italy 😉

#Tip 2

Basta con the tourist moments for now. Discover the real Italian Style like an Italiano vero.

Take a walk in Appia Antica, the ancient road of Rome. High pines, green fields and an ancient road that leads to a bounty of Roman aqueducts, old churches and tombs. And with no tourists 🙏

Officially this is the first paved road in history. Construction began in 312 BC and connected Rome to Brindisi. It is 513km in length and passes through beautiful villas and ancient ruins. In Rome the road starts at the Baths of Caracalla.

Tip 3

Visit Rome’s catacombs. These early burial grounds are as amazing as they are macabre. The ones that I saw are called St. Callixtus

Tip 4

Terme di Caracalla close to Circo Massimo was the impressive construction and the place to meet and socialize 2000 years back 👏

Tip 5

Explore the amazing  and full of good food quartiere of Testaccio. The locals call this area the place where the Italians live.

Tip 6

Head out late at night in Rome – when all the tourists have gone home safely tucked away in their hotel room beds and see the sites. Visiting the Trevi Fountain at midnight is magical – and probably the only time when you can get an unobstructed photo of the iconic fountain 📷

Tip 7

Visit Macro, the museum of contemporary art. It’s impressive. Only if you had enough of the old Rome and you want a touch of contemporary design.


Next on my to do list for Rome, that should be on yours too:

To Recreate your own Roman Holiday movie scene and take a Vespa Tour at night 🇮🇹

To Head To the local area of Trastevere and take a stroll around the cobbled streets before choosing one of the many excellent local restaurants. It’s a picturesque neighbourhood which has the look and feel of a traditional small Italian town, with people shopping, chatting and drinking espresso on the cafes’ pavements

To Head To the Capuchin Crypt (Church of Santa Maria della Concezione) to see the bones of some 4,000 dead Capuchin monks and decayed skeletons strangely arranged in the most beautiful and decorative designs. I have something with creepy places in Rome I guess 😀

To Visit the pasta museum – because I LOVE pasta and pizza
















Un bacio, dears,



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