The Importance Of Self-Care

Importance Of Self-Care

The Importance Of Self-Care

This is the kind of article that I can write only when I come back from a holiday.  It’s the only time when I realize how much a relaxed mind and a rested body matters. 

And it all seems to start out there, on the beautiful streets, in art museums, in coffee places, at the spa… Our wandering mind gets lost and serenity comes back home 🙏


 The photos were taken at Tisa Spa Resort, in Baile Olanesti. The place where my grandma used to go to treat herself was transformed into an ultra modern spa like I’ve never imagined or seen before. It’s a mix of Turkey with the marble hamam, the sauna with infrared and the one with walls of  pink Himalayan salt, the emotional showers and treatments rooms with different design inspired by nature

 I’m not gonna describe the treatments that I tested because I’m preparing an entire article about this, so stay close 😉


Some of the most often-recommended ways to relax are yoga, meditation, or journaling. Yoga is a very low-impact, low-stress form of exercise, and exercise in general works wonders to reduce stress. Meditation, especially when accompanied by deep breathing exercises, is one of the fastest ways to trigger the body’s relaxation response. Journaling is a popular way to work out whatever’s bothering you so you can move past it. I prefer yoga, it’s my good morning mantra that is clears my mind and stretches the body each day before coffee and any phone call. 

Between hectic work schedules I always find plenty of reasons to pamper myself with a spa day 😊

Of course, splurging on a professional massage, manicure, or pedicure can be a fantastic way to relax.  A couple of weekends ago I went to this magic green and full of fresh air place, TISA SPA… Located beautifully in an area with mountains, this spa is like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. And I’m more than glad that I did ❤️

Spending a day at the spa offers so many benefits that if you don’t already have reasons to pamper yourself, you will after learning what a spa day can do for your mind and body 😻

All day long we are bombarded with emails, text messages, phone calls, and other disruptions. Pampering yourself at a day spa is the perfect time to disconnect and escape for the day. We all need #time to ourselves, and it’s easier to focus on you when you are completely unplugged and in a serene environment. If you plan ahead for a day off, disconnecting for the day can be a freeing and relaxing experience. So turn your phone off… it’s only a few hours!

Spending a day taking care of yourself will give you renewed optimism and a brighter outlook on life 👀






Take care of yourselves, darlings



Photos taken by Iuliana Cristina Popescu | Cloche kimono | Lia Aram bodysuit | Bon Bijou necklace

Many thanks to TISA Spa for hosting us 

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