My Summer Uniform #HMForeverSummer

My Summer Uniform #HMForeverSummer

I think I’ve finally found my summer uniform for this year...😊

When the weather does not pretend that we’re in London and the temperatures rise I also like to pretend we’re in summer forever. It’s already around the corner anyways 😉

5 things I discovered and that make up my summer uniform for the next 3 months: 

1. Breathable Dresses

Thanks to H&M, I found this dress that has everything I ever wished for in a summer dress #femininefashion

It is colorful so it brightens up every look and most of all it is breathable. You can dress it up with a pair of heels or dress it down with a pair of sneakers. 👌

2. The Denim Shirt Dress

Is it a shirt? Is it a dress? Well, I’m happy to say that it is both! You can wear it as a dress and on summer nights when it gets more windy and chilly, you can wear it as a shirt over a dress or a top. I love pieces that have multiple roles, this way you never get bored! And last but not least denim is perfect for summer and it will never go out of style. This shirt dress is one of the pieces from an exclusive denim collection by AFMF for V for Vintage Shop. You can find it here 💙

3. Mules

Wherever you look in stores, there it is: the mule. The shoe of the season! It’s the perfect summer shoe for the office, it is breathable, it doesn’t have an uncomfortable heel and these H&M ones have another amazing aspect: the baby pink color! #adorable 

4. The Bun Hairstyle

Everyone who knows me knows that I never wear my hair up. It’s part of my signature look #lifestyleblogger 

I love my long locks and I show them whenever I can. It’s something so sexy in long and healthy hair, isn’t it? 😏 But let’s be fair here, long hair and heat and humidity during the summer time don’t get along so well. And in one of these warm days I discovered that I actually look good with my hair up ☺️ and ever since then I’m OBSESSED with having my hair up in a bun. Plus it’s good in the heat and the best recipe for a #badhairday (this or a really cool hat 😎)

5. The Pink Lipstick 💄

I have one rule that I stand by and I NEVER break it. Do not leave the house without red lipstick! I love red lipstick and I think I have over 50 shades of red in my cosmetic bag. But for summer I wanted to change it up for a little bit so pink it is. But not any kind of pink. Bright pink is the perfect lipstick shade for summer, so refreshing!

Mine is Flat Out Fabulous from MAC Cosmetics #beautyblogger obsessions 😅

Look gorgeous and enjoy the beginning of summer, dears,



Photos taken by Iuliana Cristina Popescu |  Make-up Ana Cucuta  | H&M dress, mules, belt and jewelry | AFMF for V for Vintage Shop shirt dress 

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