Social Media Fun and Frustrations

Social Media

Social Media Fun and Frustrations

De ceva timp, de cand postez periodic si am devenit #goodfriend cu social media am descoperit cateva trucuri de care uneori tin cont. Alteori ma fac sa inteleg succesul diverselor postari care imi curg in newsfeed. Si deseori ma intreb de ce anumite postari strang frustrari, comentarii, delete and block 🚫


De ce devenim judgmental cand vedem pe cineva in bikini pe plaja sau de ce blamam pe cineva care prefera blana naturala in locul celei sintetice, pe cineva cu un bust brusc proeminent sau pe altcineva care zambeste in toate pozele si e mereu pozitiv?

Experienta mea de #lifestyleblogger and  #localinfluencer m-a invatat sa:

1. Be #Authentic

First things first, be authentic – I wrote about it here 

It’s not easy but if you can do it you are a winner 🏆

2. Love #Cats #Dogs #OtherCuties

If you don’t have one you better borrow one.  Take photos of one every day, use Insta Stories, Snapchat or whatever social media channel is your favourite.

I am a #catperson, my heart melts when I see a cat. All my cat photos are authentic because I enjoy playing with them. But I don’t have a cat. I lost her one day when she decided to jump out the window after a bird. And now I just enjoy all my friends’ cats. And I wanna get a baby kitten soon 🐱

Does it work for social media? Only if you are a true animal lover, remember to stick with Step #1 and be yourself.

3. Do #Yoga stuff

Do a pose, say zen and stay in lotus position and you get double the likes 😉

That is indeed so true, but if you are not a #yogagirl your likes will go down when you mispell Surya Namaskar.

4. Be a #Vegetarian

Having a healthy diet is so in right now, along with detox diets and taking photos with your kale 📷

People will admire you and your willpower to give up some delicious food and will like your green food photos. You will be a role model for some of your followers, they will ask you for advice and recipes. But do this if you really wanna be a vegetarian, not because you can become more successful with your green salad.

5. Stay in your #Bikini

This one is the most amusing. If you like the way you look, you don’t care about being judged for your flaws or you don’t want to get into politics anytime soon, stay in your bikini 👙

You might lose some envious friends but who cares?

My #bikini photos are here and they got me in the spotlight a month ago ✨

6. Laugh if you feel like it

We wanna see happy people around us, so smile if you feel like it. We are not models, we express our feelings so don’t make a duck face or other faces that are not yours.

La dolce vita, how to find it in case it’s not so easy to get in the smiling mood here 

7. Be #precious #ladylike and #feminine

Need some help for this? Ballet and dancing classes might help you 💃

A long dress, high heels and some red lipstick are the next steps. This is my favourite look, the one I can feel natural in and the one that makes me smile.

8. Talented #friends

Like here, in my photos. Take them to a photoshoot with you. He knows how to play the sax? The best of both worlds 👏

Learn how to pose in two and try dancing on the streets like nobody’s watching. 

Get used to this. Repeat it often. Success in two is the best 💪

Thank you Alex for singing for me, killing me softly with your song 😆










Enjoy being you, dears,



Photos taken by Iuliana Cristina Popescu | Make-up Ana Cucuta | H&M dress & earrings | Guess sandals | Eneada cuff bracelets 

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