Secret Guilty Pleasures

Secret Guilty Pleasures

I have a confession to make. It’s not the fact that I have wrinkles, this is obvious and it doesn’t bother me (too much) 😅 It’s about secret guilty pleasures… We all have them, there’s no point in denying it 😁

My secret guilty pleasures, in a random way:

  • To laugh at cheap comedies – usually I’m alone when I do this and I didn’t have time for this lately… 
  • To eat pizza at any moment of the day – crazy, I know, for me it’s part of La Dolce Vita 🍕
  • To drink a glass of red wine before watching the cheap comedy 🍷 And any film can become a comedy after this 😅
  • To overdress. Imagine a red long dress and high heels in a casual meeting – that would be me. Can’t picture it? See here overdressed here
  • To be late and not be sorry about it. Sorry I’m late. It’s ok, time doesn’t exist – that’s why. ⏳
  • To change my mind again and again…
  • To fake till I make it – because it works. See why here  😉
  • To forget things that I don’t like or don’t care about #toomany 😁
  • To laugh about serious stuff because there are too many serious people 😆
  • To wear lipstick at inappropriate moments (like a yoga class) 😅 If you read my blog, you know my love for red lipstick is for life 🙏 For me, red lipstick is my bestie. Nothing makes me feel like a feminine, independent woman like wearing red lipstick 💄 I also own about 5 different shades of red and I keep buying the stuff (can’t stop, won’t stop ☺️)  I’m not as obsessed with beauty as it seems, promise! I’d still save my cat and sentimental things if my apartment was on fire 😂
  • Overindulging on cherries – like here 👇



Eat some cherries, they are so sweet 🍒



Video by Iuliana Cristina Popescu |  Make-up Ana Cucuta  | Ludmila Corlateanu dress | H&M earrings, raffia bag and hat

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