La Blouse Roumaine contemporary

La Blouse Roumaine contemporary

La Blouse Roumaine with a contemporary approach ❤️
Traditional Romanian blouse (IE).
Traditional towels.
More than craft, ART.

Blouse Roumaine

Street style inspired by Romanian traditional clothing.

Blouse Roumaine

Henri Matisse’s famous work “La Blouse Roumaine” precisely expresses the artistic definition of the Romanian traditional clothing…

Here it is.. the existing story that lies behind this work. A justification.

Constantin Brancusi was present at a party attended by bohemian artists which included Matisse among its guests. Brancusi came dressed in a traditional Romanian costume and Matisse was surprised by the eccentric artist and began searching for more information regarding this “jewel” of clothing.

Then, in 1940, “La Blouse Roumaine” appeared among other works such as “Dancer Resting” and “Still Life with Sleeping Woman”, all evidence of the fact that in the interwar period, not only Henri Matisse, but even Parisian salons were already fascinated by this timeless item of clothing – the Romanian blouse (IE).

Art is not as unreachable as we think. It does not hide, its purpose is not to search but to protect..a home, a lifestyle. Its fate lies in the natural existence of the people around it.

It is not an art meant to be regarded from afar, but touched and warranted. Only then can it be valuable.

Laura Calin_romanian traditional (4)

Laura Calin_romanian traditional (2)

Laura Calin_romanian traditional (4)

Laura Calin_romanian traditional (5)

A little art in our lives, a traditional piece with a contemporary approach 😉

Hope you enjoy it, dears,


Photo: Iuliana Cristina Popescu
Clothing: IE (Iulia&Emilia)
Make-up: Ana Cucuta

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