How to Travel in Style to Rome

Travel in Style

How to Travel in Style to Rome

Packing for a vacation may be fun for some, but it can be the most stressful thing for others #likeme 😀

Ever since I’ve been a blogger, my travel bag changed a lot. From jeans, #t-shirts and sneakers to dresses, an elaborate make-up kit, jewelry, bags, hats and other “props”.

I trade comfortable outfits with the street style stylish looks that I carefully prepare before packing 💼


My holidays are shorter than before, more like city breaks and even if it’s no longer holiday season, I’m writing this article while packing my #suitcase for Rome.

I’m leaving tomorrow for pizza and pasta, red wine and la vita e bella 😍 So watch me on my Insta account while I’m living my dolce vita from the city that I call my second home #bellacita 😎

How to travel in style to Rome or any other place? Tips and tricks to travel in style as a blogger:


 Keep the size of the #suitcase small, I always keep this in mind because I like to travel light and have the sensation of freedom when I head to the airport ✈️


Avoid the stereotypical travel outfit that I mentioned (read: #T-shirt, jeans, backpack and Birkenstocks) because I don’t want to look like a tourist in my travel photos 😅


Start preparing your travel bag at least two days in advance (before leaving). This way I can put everything that I need in my luggage and buy the missing pieces from my outfits. I always hated to pack the night before I leave, because I always forget something or I don’t find them in my wardrobe, or some other strange things that might stress me before leaving 😆


The make-up kit and skincare products should be travel sized. And nothing’s missing from my beauty case 💅


The shoes that I pack are comfortable but chic and I always have a pair of high heels with me 👠


My outfits are #romaniandesign pieces, #vintage jewelry and other pieces that are coming from #eco or #conscious collections 😌


Outfits are prepared by taking versatile clothes that can be combined between them 😉


Curiosity and being open minded are part of my travel kit. It’s good for the soul. Be friendly with the locals, find the places where they hang out, become one of them, a stylish one 😀






That’s it for now, I’m coming back with tips about the city, the cool places and the food in one of my next articles.

Ciao, cari, un bacione,



Photos taken by Iuliana Cristina Popescu | H&M shirt | Maria Lucia Hohan skirt | Cathias Edeline heels | Vintage #suitcase & jewelry

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