High Heels, High Expectations

High Expectations

High Heels, High Expectations

Somehow, my mind connects high heels with high expectations, the taller you look, the higher your life expectations.

When I put my high heels on, my confidence reaches sky levels and I know, all of a sudden, that I look better than in my flats. My feet may struggle with the 10-12 cm heels but my mind is high in the clouds with a very satisfying smile all over my face. Pretty becomes gorgeous and life becomes better. But this is all in my mind 💭


A change of attitude comes with a pair of  high heels. And expectations come with territory.

We live our lives trying to fulfill expectations, our own and others’ 😲

Having high expectations is synonymous with having self-worth. There is quite ok to expect a lot from life, unless our attachments to the perfect outcome override our ability to see reality. Having high expectations is one shot in the cocktail of self-actualization, but we should keep in mind that honesty and awareness are part of this cocktail too.

Expectations versus reality:


We expect people to be better than they are, or at least the best they can be. This way, people can’t live up to our high expectations and our feelings get hurt. Many issues with friendships and relationships start from our assumption that the person in question is, and will behave, like the best version of themselves. Or we expect that they will behave like we do with them 😒


We confuse “good” with the opposite of “perfect.” It’s hard to feel satisfied before projects are done and so on.  A good start would be to celebrate the little milestones, because sometimes “good enough” is a good reward for a lot of effort. And perfect is sometimes hard or impossible to achieve. 


We think that we are superheroes and we can do everything ourselves. This is more idealistic than practical 😉


We should accept that sometimes a bad day is just a bad day and we all have this kind of moments.


We don’t see the good in others because of the need to be better. We expect people to be their best, because this is the way we see ourselves 👀




Wear your high heels (mine are from Hannami) with a high attitude and some relaxed expectations.

Bye for now, dears,



Photos taken by Iuliana Cristina Popescu | Make-up Ana Cucuta |  Elisabeta Franchi at Lala Boutique dress, bag & bracelet | Hannami heels | Tria Alfa for V for Vintage Shop earrings

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