Five Things That Matter in Life

Five Things That Matter in Life

Are are the things that matter in life? 😏

While the shopping frenzy crowd of people are chasing THE one last minute perfect present in stores, I for one am chasing the light in this dark and gloomy winter weather. And when life gives you good lighting… you make the most out of it. By no means do I dare to forget about those epic Christmas gifts (see here last post), but this time of year also means a time to reflect, and I found myself doing this quite a lot lately.

To cut to the point, here are 5 things that in my opinion matter in life and that can help in making your day brighter and less gloomier. So I promised myself, not as a a New Year resoluion (I don’t believe in those), more as an everyday resolution, to mark this on my to do list:


    1. Always look on the bright side of life, a-dum, da-da da-da da-du. To be honest, I need to start practicing more on this but practice makes perfect, right?

    2. Switch from online to offline, by reading a good book, that is NOT on my Kindle, but on the old school paper (remember that?). And for that I want to start visiting second-hand bookshops (let’s not forget about trees and recycling) #greenliving I’m hunting this one down!

    3. Listen to more music. It sort of dawned on me that I started to listen less and less to music. So I started playing this on my way to work every day. You cannot imagine what music does to your mood, it is such a stress reliever!

    4. Wear a flawless dress (aka Marie Ollie). Not every day, of course. But from time to time it’s good to try on that dress that you know tickles your fancy and makes you feel empowered. Colour-wise, I love how a black dress gives that misterious touch that we women long for.

    5. Dance like no one’s watching. So cliché, I know, but I had the luck of finding myself in a white house (thank you Iconic). Good contrast with the black dress, right?And when there’s a piano involved, it does help in kicking that grey state of mind right out the window.

 Photos taken by Iuliana Cristina Popescu |

Marie Ollie dress | Pas du tout heels | Vintage necklace

Thank you Iconic for the beautiful location

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