Easy like Summer Mornings

Easy like Summer Mornings

Summer mornings are so easy…and so far away 😅 How did the busiest summer in the last ten years passed?

FAST. I can’t believe that next week is already September and that I didn’t have a vacation..Nope!Nun! Niet!

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But look what I’ve done:

  • The 4th edition of V for Verde is almost ready.

What is V for Verde? It’s the green fair dedicated to those that know how to enjoy life. Don’t tell me you haven’t heard about this. V for Verde surpasses notions as bio, eco or recycling; it doesn’t deny the right to have a career, the social gatherings, the nights out and the adventures we have with our friends and loved ones.
The values of the fair are focused on consciousness; it’s about appreciating the present moment and living beautifully in strong connection with the universe we live in.
It’s about NOW, FAMILY and LOVE.
More about V for Verde you will find on vforverde.ro.
You should come, it’s a really fun event.

  • As you can see, I have a new blog (Yeeey).

I like to call it the online start of my everyday poetry – Fancy, isn’t it! The girls – as in my beautiful team – have pestered me for month to do this. So from now on you can find me on lauracalin.ro, where I write about traditions, femininity, green life, yoga practices and the beauty of enjoying the simple, every day things. It’s a modern femininity arts guide, my story with a #femininetouch.

  • The 15th edition of V for Vintage comes with Victory and good Vibes.

It’s the most important edition so far, you’ll see why. We are organizing it in November, the perfect month to do some quality shopping (I already have a list). Anyhow you’ll hear about it soon enough, everywhere.

We also have a new online shop for V for Vintage, it’s work in progress but it’ll be ready any moment now.

  • In September (as in the month after next week) we’ll talk more about..pam paaam: YOGA.

Yes, my passion for yoga is not something new, but now we will have a place where to talk about the how to’s, the why’s, the when’s. I love this new project and hope you’ll love it too.

  • Last but not least, new space for our office.

Since our team got bigger we needed more space, we have two lovely and resourceful new team members. But this I’ll document soon enough with pictures and more news about our cool office.

It explains why I haven’t taken a vacation..

Cheers to all the busy bees out there!

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easy like summer morning_lura calin_lauracalin.ro (6)

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easy like summer morning_lura calin_lauracalin.ro (5)

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Photo: Roxana Paraschivoiu / Visual Instincts
Dress: Bianca Popp
Jewelry: Eneada, Bon Bijou
Make-up: Ana Cucuta

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