Carti, Dulciuri si Flori

Carti, Dulciuri si Flori

The beauty lies in “Carti, dulciuri si flori” 😍

It makes you think more of an 80’s kids game, wayyy before the internet revolutionzed the world  in the 90’s. But flowers, sweets and books are meant for the “taming of the shrews” and for “Shit, I have no idea what gift to buy”.

Every coming autumn brings another one of my birthdays, which only reminds me of the “taming of the shrew” (not that I am one!). It’s just that I’m convinced that every gal has puppy eyes when she’s spoiled with flowers, a good read or with something to satisfy her sweet tooth. 

Flowers Are like an “I like you” friend, lover or whatever other mixed feelings I have for you. 

Sweet treats Don’t even get me started on that. There’s no words (or emojis) that would prove my love for everything sweet.  And it’s NOT an addiction.  (even if I’m dreaming of this #notkidding). 

Books I would LOVE to read this and this and this.  Did I mention that my birthday’s right around the corner? wink wink 😋

Carti, Dulciuri si Flori is Ioana, a designer’s muse and the creator of sweet addictions. These photos were taken late in the summer, when sandals were still ruling the streets of Bucharest. But as I mentioned earlier, only in November do I think about the perfect present 😊

I’m counting down the days until I go crazy with books, sweets and flowers. #novemberjoy

Photo: Iuliana Cristina Popescu

Make-up: Ana Cucuta

Dress: Zarug 

Necklace: SKIN DEEP



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