Back to 50s Look

Back to 50's Look

Back to 50s Look

If I could get back in time for a summer, I would love to live a 50’s summer. But until the time machine is invented, I can only bring the 50’s in the NOW and enjoy a Back to 50’s Look 😊

 Oh the glorious 1950’s! Was there ever a more enchanting period of time? You all know I adore the 1950’s. It had everything – the ball gown, the gloves, the pale skin, perfect hair and red lips! And don’t forget about the sparkling jewelry. Stunning.

For my 1950’s outfit, I decided to wear my favourite vintage dress. Isn’t it gorgeous? The shoes are Zara but they look like they’ve been transported straight from the 50’s 😻

The 1950s make-up look was a fun one to recreate. While it’s mostly based on a woman’s natural beauty the eyebrows are shaped into a nice arch, the eyes exaggerated with the iconic wingtip and lips soft and full. 

The 1950s hair was traditionally worn short to medium in ladies over 20-years-old. Very short, cropped hairstyles were fashionable in the 1950’s and hats were worn less and less frequently. Plenty of ladies frequented the Poodle hairstyle – named so because of the tight, voluminous curls similar to that of a poodle – and the fabulous beehive style also became extremely popular. I went for a soft glamorous style, but kept the big curls 🌟

Learn how to recreate a natural  look from my new video here 👇or on Youtube.

Back to 50’s Look Fashion Shopping List

Whether it’s a fun rock n roll image you’re after or Christian Dior’s sophisticated ‘new look’ of 1947, check out my short shopping guide to get you started on your capsule wardrobe for the 50’s. When it comes to modern 1950’s inspired fashion, fortunately it is fairly easy to find. Because the shapes of the 50’s are now considered to be classic, you can find almost anything you are looking for 😉

  • Pencil skirt 
  • Crew neck cardigan
  • Petticoat
  • Circle skirt or dress preferably halter or boat neck.
  • Bullet bra
  • Waist knickers

Must have accessories: 

  • Red lipstick and black eyeliner
  • Chiffon scarf
  • Gloves
  • Waist cinch belt









Red lips kisses, dears



Video by  Iuliana Cristina Popescu | Make-up help Ana Cucuta | Vintage Boutique dress, umbrella and hat | Zara heels | V for Vintage Fair brooch and pearls | V for Vintage Shop earrings

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