A City Girl’s Holiday Gift Guide

A City Girl’s Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift guide for a city girl 😅

‘Christmas’… If we were to search the term in any dictionary we stumble upon this: A Christian feast commemorating the birth of Jesus Or December 25, the day on which this feast is observed as a public holiday in many countries.

I think the dictionary should add some more definitions to this word, since in the last several years it seems that Christmas has been more about chaotic shopping, getting into a food vortex and party like there’s no tomorrow.


When I think of Christmas I think of a time to reflect, a peaceful time when you can get together with your family and friends, a time of giving and receiving (don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about presents😉)

Since I don’t want to end up running like a chicken with no head for the perfect Christmas gifts, I’ve made a list with thoughtful ones that I have already received and LOVE (as if you couldn’t tell already) and some that I carefully put on my Christmas list this year (Santa do you hear me?? I’ve been a good girl, or at least I tried 😇) and wanted to share it with you. 

Flower bouquets from Floria’s Christmas 15 collection

Yesss, you heard it right, they have a Christmas collection, which is amazing! My favourite one is the “Iarna blanda” bouqet. #perfectname, am I right?

 Wagner ARTE initial necklace

 For that special someone you care about, an initial pendant is something really personal which makes it the perfect Christmas gift

Cathias Edeline handbagg

I just cannot pick one! The quality and design of these bags is amazing, I want them in every colour.

Fota by NAIV Clothing

Going back to our traditions in style. I think I might just gift this to myself

Your Personal Aroma fragrance

Because who doesn’t want a perfume based on their personality and let’s admit it, the bootle looks GORGEOUS. Enough said!

Bioaleea room difusers

For all day freshness in your home during the holidays.

ENEADA jewelry

Gentlemen, this is for the empresses in your lives, make them look and feel like they own the place

Rawyal cakes

For healthy and sweet indulgences

Cristina Savulescu evening dress

A girl cannot only dream of the perfect evening dress that makes her feel like a princess, she can also own it! #sorrySanta

Cute headphones

To listen to those Christmas carols…

Like the song goes, these are a few of my favourite things… Now if I can just convince Santa that I’ve been a good girl..







Photos taken by Iuliana Cristina Popescu 

Cristina Savulescu dress | Marie Ollie cape | Mihaela Glavan sandals | Laura8 earrings 

Thank you Iconic for this lovely location 

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