9 Things to do Before the End of Summer

End of Summer

9 Things to do Before the End of Summer

First things first is to know when is the end of summer… It’s never in September, it’s until you can’t wear flip flops and a t-shirt without turning blue 😁


My summer ends in the middle of October, sometimes even later. So there is more to do this summer. Here is what I plan to do which might inspire you. 

#1  Wear that dress that is too fancy to take on a casual day. Wear a tiara. Or put your golden statement earrings just because they look so well in the sun. This is what I’m wearing today, a precious long dress from a Romanian designer, Cristina Savulescu and some golden vintage jewelry. I fit perfectly with this casual day, if I do say so myself ☺️

#2 Lie down on the grass watching the stars in the evening. My favorite place for this: Roaba de Cultura 

#3 Go to the seaside for a long weekend because the nights are young and so are we. Catch the sunset and the sunrise. Take a bath and keep the salty water on your hair until the next day. Dance on the sand and drink a cold mojito at Amphora. Where to? Vama Veche, here is the only Amphora I know 🌊

#4 Dance on the streets when it rains. With no umbrella, no makeup, no worries. I did this, wiped up a few of my wrinkles 😹

#5 Drink one glass of wine somewhere on a terrace because wine tastes better in the summer. Try Gradina Dorobanti, it’s the best place to drink something alcoholic and lie on a lounger.

#6 Catch up with a friend and walk on the old streets of Bucharest. Bring the online into offline 🏃

#7 Take photos smiling in the sun. You’ll miss this shiny smile until next summer. 

#8 Picnic at the sunset, candles and red wine. To be shared with your loved one. It can be an imaginary one 😅

#9 City break at a spa to get ready and relaxed for the busy autumn. My favorite place where I’m going in September is at Tisa Spa. I’ll be back with reviews and photos.



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What else are you planning to do until the summer ends?

Keep the summer, shiny spirit, dears,



Photos taken by Iuliana Cristina Popescu | Make-up Ana Cucuta | vintage jewelry | Cristina Savulescu dress  | Green place Club Oasis

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