5 Reasons Why Sometimes it’s Hard being a Woman

Hard being a Woman

5 Reasons Why Sometimes it’s Hard being a Woman

1. Beauty is Everything

When we are kids we are told that beauty that counts comes from the inside. But in Disney movies we all see the beautiful princesses singing and dancing on screen: long hair, flawless skin, perfect teeth, red lips, big blue eyes and incredible, skinny body.

As we grow, life teaches us that appearance is important. Disney princesses are happier and more successful than the casual non princess girls 💫

It’s hard and we strive for perfection when we look in the mirror. We want to be the princess we saw on TV when we were little. We want to be the beautiful models we see on magazine covers, the gorgeous actresses we see in glamorous movies 📺

And we start putting pressure on ourselves. We become our biggest critics. Not skinny enough, not blonde enough, not young enough. We need fuller lips, bigger breasts, a perfect nose. And we transform ourselves in the flawless princesses we once saw. We have this urge to be skinny, skinnier than we were last year. We even buy ourselves smaller clothes we would fit in after we’ve lost some kilos #gush

Treatment pill: it’s your imperfections that MAKE YOU BEAUTIFUL… they’re not imperfections, they’re… Enhancers 💁

2. Girls hate Girls

This is perhaps the hardest part about being a woman. We are in a permanent competition with each other. What does she have and I don’t? 

Women are mean to other women. There is no camaraderie between us. Guys support one another 👊

I think that we are the only species like this. We’re competitive, judgmental, manipulative and all around hurtful when it comes to other women #womanstuff

It’s in our nature to behave like this.

Treatment pill: learn #camaraderie from the guys, being in a team is the best solution 😉

Or read this, about Jealousy 

3. Gender roles or Society’s Expectations

We are told that we can do whatever we want. But we have a to do list that comes by default: cooking, cleaning and child-rearing in addition to having our amazing careers. 

I know we’re awesome and everything, but there aren’t enough hours in the day for everything. We’re expected to be perfect creatures at all times. 😑

Treatment pill: Just say it. I can’t do all this. And stop and do some of them. It works.

4. Overanalyzing EVERYTHING

Starting with ourselves. Our looks, our habits, our goals, our society. This article is proof that we over-analyze. Do you see any guy doing this? I don’t…

Treatment pill: Yoga and meditation. And maybe a glass of wine 🍷


5. The Glass Ceiling

Doing the same jobs and having the same tasks as men but a smaller salary.

No pills for this. The wine might work though 😒


    Women perform 66% of the world’s work and produce 50% of the food but earn only 10% of the income and own just 1% of the property.

Despite progress, men still outnumber women in paid work, and women are often relegated to vulnerable forms of employment, with inadequate earnings, benefits and working conditions. The share of women in paid non-agricultural employment is still languishing at 20% in South Asia, North Africa and Western Asia. In the UK, more than 40 years after the Equal Pay Act, women working full time are still paid an average of 15.5% less per hour than men – the equivalent of men being paid all year round while women work for free after 2 November.

Though the proportion of female representatives in national parliaments worldwide continues to rise slowly, it still stands at just 19%. Women also account for just 16% of ministerial posts. At 20% and 17% respectively, the figures for the UK are not much better than the global averages. Only 18 countries currently have elected female heads of state or leaders.








Chill out and be feminine, dears



Photos taken by Iuliana Cristina Popescu |  Make-up Ana Cucuta | Hair Chocolat Salon | Atelier Isabelle Vijiiac dress | Maria Filipescu x V for Vintage Shop choker 

Thank you Chocolat Salon for hosting us in your beautiful garden 💖

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